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One-Day Tour To Xindalai Tribe

Cultural experience/Old town tour
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Tour Description

It's the tribe with the lowest population in Sandimen Township, which is at the starting point of the Provincial Highway No.24. The Dalai Tribe, which was formerly known as tavatavang, has an abundant history of village migration. After 5 times village migration, the tribe was moved and settled at the site in ROC 78 (1989). New Dalai, which connects with the old tribe site by a suspension bridge that crosses Ailiao River. Before the Provincial Highway No. 24 open to the public, people needed to pass the Old Dalai on the way to Wutai. The wonderful memories with the “Cizhipo” and the “Libiechu,” the stone town Old Dalai has kept the time frozen in the 1960s, it's a time bound city for people to remember the old times! After five-time migration, Dalai has been finally moved to the current site next to the Provincial Highway No.24 after the last migration. The current settlement is named “New Dalai”, which is far from the “Old Dalai” across the river.

The tour takes you to the New Dalai to have an in-depth journey of life in the tribe.


Introduction and Itinerary
10:30 Assemble at the Sandimen Township Office
10:30~11:00 Tavatavang Church
11:00~12:00 Experience and try the traditional snack, Jinafu
12:00~13:00 Lunch
13:00~14:00 Archery Experience Activity
14:00~ Return trip


Detailed Introduction

The minimum number of people required: 6

Price Details: Guided Tour, Experience Activities, meal and food, one-stop shuttle service



NT$6,300 (A group of 6 people)



▼The itinerary is led by a full-time private guide.

▼A reminder of things to carry:

  1. Personal gears, such as rain boots, sneakers and UV protection
  2. There are more mosquitoes in the mountains, it's recommended to carry anti-mosquito gears and wear light long-sleeve clothes, long pants, and cup to reduce the chance of exposure to the plants that might cause skin allergy or mosquito bites.
  3. In order to promote and practice ecotourism, please prepare a water bottle (Water supply stations will be provided by the tribe.), and eco-utensils for personal use.

▼ Safety Codes

  1. Because the itinerary is carried out in the mountain area, where some paths are narrow and curvy. All participants who drive should pay attention to road safety.
  2. Your safety is the most important concern, please take good care of your personal safety and security all the time. In case of having any physical discomfort, please notify the staff immediately.
  3. There are no clinical medicine available for the participants in the communities, please get ready with personal medicine!
  4. During free time, whoever would like to do his/her own activity, please inform the contact person of the community or the group member and be sure to take good care of your own safety.
  5. In case of having physical discomfort or feeling exhausted, please inform the full-time staff of the tour for safety first.

▼Registration Codes

  1. The tour participants agree to bear any charges derived from cancellation or delays once the tour Tour is purchased and paid.
  2. Please assemble at the scheduled time. In case of any private activities or late report to the assembly due to personal issues during the tour, please inform the contact person of the community, no refund will be made by the community.
  3. Above listed schedules of each itinerary are for reference only, some changes made to the schedule might occur due to road conditions or crowds of visitors during holidays.
  4. After registering for the tour, please be sure to get the confirmation from the contact person of the community. The meal menu is for reference only, the food materials are based on the on-site availabilities every season.


Cancellation Policy
  1. For cancellations up to 7 days before the tour starting day (excluding the starting day), all payment can be refunded.
  2. For cancellations from 6 days to 4 days before the tour starting day (excluding the starting day), 50% of the payment can be refunded.
  3. No cancellation is acceptable within 3 days before the starting day including the starting day. There will be no refund.
  4. No refund will be made for the suspension of participation with non-accountability of the organizer during the tour.
  5. It's suggested to endorse your registration 6 days before the tour starting day, but please be sure to inform “Touch Taiwan” the name and contact information of the new participant.
  6. In case of any natural disasters or uncontrollable events, Touch Taiwan will contact actively about the cancellation or refund.